Better management should be the primary objective of organizations in the 21st century.
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There is little chance of error, if we start with the hypothesis that management is the oldest of allsocial skills and actually began with human activity on this planet.

Philosophers create and develop science with the help of organizations and, it is throughorganizations, as a result of their management, that science evolved and been made known.
Management, in itself, is not a pure science like mathematics, physics or chemistry, but we have come to regard it as a sui generis blend of art and science. However, both science and art are cultivated on the basis of specialized skills that follow certain basic rules, without which neither one nor the other can exist.

Our world, our planet, has suffered a profound transformation in the last 100 years. That transformation has not come to an end. On the contrary, it increases by the day and at leaps and bounds far greater than those observed during that period.

With time, problems emerge. Today, the concepts of sovereignty, commerce, politics and economy that once set nations apart are losing ground and power to merciless globalization, which is destined to change the geopolitical and economic notion of the planet.
The rational world is becoming mindful of the need for complex changes in the behavior of all humankind, lest we come dangerously close to a point of no return.
The world must agree to the predominance of the common good over individual welfare, and accept that irational or harmful action on the part of some organizations during the course of their development, can become a Sword of Damocles that could jeopardize the world order and pose a genuine threat to community.
On this website, we firmly believe the exercise of management, whether public or private,models and molds the economy, as well as politics.
The human genus, social by nature, develops via organizations. These are open systems that range from simple to complex and must be well managed at all times. Through the actions of management, organizations define and decide their policies on guidance and administration. These, in turn, generate and arrange their particular economic system.


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500 Weeks Without Interruption! 
Nowadays, practicing MBS has become an essential element in Uniban`s corporate culture, it makes part of the company; it went from being a myth into a ritual and a weekly rite. As much, that if it disappeared it would be like erasing a part of the Uniban`s story. 


MBS Retraining Sessions
About 800 public servants subscribed to the provincial Government of Antioquia and from the 125 municipalities of Antioquia participated in the retraining sessions of Manager`s basic subjects. 


Other 103 Public Servers In MBS Seminar
With these 103 public servers we reach 761 public servers of the provincial Government of Antioquia, the decentralized institutions, and mayors, city councilors and office clerks that have graduated in the training process in public management, which has been prompted by Governor Luis Alfredo Ramos Botero. 



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