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The ancient, monumental works of mankind plainly show that, before Henry Fayol introduced his ideas on basic management at the beginning of the 20th century, there was a clear notion of PLANNING, ORGANIZATION, DIRECTION and, ultimately, CONTROL, as the time-honored duties of a manager, which remain valid to this day.
Despite important contributions by management thinkers, which substantially improved and added to the traditional and scientific notion of management as of the 1950s, the “Taylorian spirit” predominates in today’s world.
In the developing world, an unawareness of most of these principles is one of the main reasons why countries lag behind.
It is estimated (not scientifically) that over 85 % of those who are involved in management never studied the discipline and, therefore, are uninformed or only partially aware of the basic principles of management. Many professionals major in studies they will never apply and end up managing intuitively, with little or no preparation for this important vocation.
The immense and astronomically costly effort represented in unrelated seminars, certificate courses, workshops and postgraduate studies is insufficient to induct millions of professionals into the true art and science of management.
The situation is even more dramatic in the public sector. With a few worthwhile good exceptions, meritocracy and practices for good governance are merely a salute to the flag. It is no secret that public administrations are known more for their inefficiency than for proper resource management.

Almost all privatization of state-owned companies is based on the argument that the companies were poorly managed. This is an interminable paradigm and must be abolished, as it never will be possible to privatize all state activities and it will end up making bad what little is left. Ultimately, the problem will be solved only by a change in politicsEvery politician in the 21st century is obliged to be a first-rate manager.


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