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500 Weeks Without Interruption!

Nowadays, practicing MBS has become an essential element in Uniban`s corporate culture, it makes part of the company; it went from being a myth into a ritual and a weekly rite. As much, that if it disappeared it would be like erasing a part of the Uniban`s story. 

I feel proud of planting this seed; since I`ve seen how hundreds of managers have found in the articles published a valid response and applied to their management concerns, perhaps to their fears, or maybe to the difficulties in managing the resources that are in their hands effectively and efficiently.

These days’ talking about Social Responsibility is in fashion; MBS in practice has assisted in order to contribute to the improvement of the administration and management, transforming different levels executives into Five Star managers.  In other words, through MBS hundreds of directives today are not only better managers but also better people because we cannot forget that the MBS is based on practice and value application. Those values are the ones that ​guarantee that companies live and develop within a framework of great respect for good governance practices, with concern and respect for the stakeholders. It is worth mentioning that under MBS guidelines over three thousand employees of the Municipality of Medellin and Antioquia have been trained, counting with the support of our current President of the Republic, Mr. Alvaro Uribe and the actual Governor of that Department, Mr. Luis Alfredo Ramos. 

It is essential to mention Mr. Guillermo Gaviria and Mr. Guillermo Henríquez and the other members of the director`s Board of Uniban, due to their unconditional support that has been architect in the maintaining and positioning of MBS Practice. To all of them, my sincere and deepest congratulations and my permanent gratitude, because the great business works are constructed with strong participation of the leaders of an organization. 

And in this recognition I just cannot leave without mentioning the superior work that has achieved Mrs. Maria M. Vallejo, today Chief of the Strategic Information Office of Uniban, a serious professional, responsible, enthusiastic and strongly committed to her work and with MBS. Maria Mercedes has a noteworthy research capacity, since her task of finding, reading, analyzing, selecting and editing articles and strategic information for the organization is not easy, and that they are of high management interest. 

Due to the conviction that I have of the goodness of MBS, I presented the idea of ​​publishing to the company that currently I preside, Findeter, where under the name of MBS in Action, it has already achieved a number close to 150 articles. 

Finally, I must say that I am honored and deeply touched by what was initially an idea, a desire, today it has become a wonderful management reality that I am sure that will be maintained over time and which importance and application will allow better practices of good Government.


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